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About Us

About the Doctor

Dr. Dean Falcon- Hi everyone! Here’s a little information about myself. I was born in Aurora, Colorado and moved to Rapid City when I was in middle school. I have always had a great interest and love for all animals and growing up my family can vouch for me that we had every kind of pet animal you can think of. When I moved to the black hills I got very involved in the outdoors and enjoy all outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, scuba diving, hiking etc…. I graduated from Stevens High School in 1999 and then decided to move to Chadron, Nebraska and attend Chadron State College.

I received my bachelors of science with an option in pre-veterinary medicine in 2003 and then was very fortunate to get accepted to Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. After attending vet school and graduating in 2007 I knew that I missed the black hills badly and I decided to come back home. I have been a veterinarian in town for the past 5 years and my special interests include: small animal medicine and surgery, orthopedics, exotic animal medicine, emergency medicine & shelter medicine. My dream was to open a veterinary clinic and about a year and a half ago I was fortunate enough to get to do that.

I am the owner and lead doctor for All Creatures Veterinary Hospital on Jackson Boulevard. I have one beautiful daughter named Haley Alyssa Falcon and most of my free time is spent with my daughter and our five dogs : Dakota, Bear, Diesel, Rugby, & Chloe. I feel very blessed and lucky to have found such a great career and I love to call the black hills and Rapid City my permanent home !!!!!


About the Clinic

All Creatures Veterinary Hospital was founded by Dr. Dean Falcon On September 1, 2010. The hospital was previously owned by Soderstrum Dentistry and I was lucky to come across the building in the early summer of 2010. When I went to see the building I just knew that it was the place for me because it just had that at home feeling that I was looking for!!! After 2 solid months of remodel and redesign of the building, we were open for business November 1st 2010!!!

The overall goal of this practice is to provide quality affordable vet care that can be tailored to each individual client and patient! I also want to thank all of my existing clients for being so supportive and welcome any new clients to the clinic 😉

Dr. Dean Falcon


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