Dog XRays

One of the most commonly used diagnostics that is offered here at ACVH is digital radiography. Radiographs are a non-invasive, safe way to illuminate the internal structures of your pet’s body. Digital radiographs can be manipulated, zoomed in and out on, focused, and otherwise filtered to give added clarity. Radiographs are extremely helpful in visualizing internal structures in your pet such as their bones, lungs, and even some abdominal organs. Radiographs are useful in diagnoses such as broken bones, urinary tract stones, arthritis, pneumonia, and many others.

We are able to take standard radiographs of the chest and abdomen as well as more focused x-rays, such as orthopedic images, spinal images, or other areas of concern. In addition, we have the ability to perform contrast studies for gastrointestinal motility.

Digital radiology also gives the doctors here the ability to send off radiographs to be interpreted by veterinary radiologists, doctors accredited by the American College of Veterinary Radiology, who specialize in reading x-rays, if needed. This provides a great benefit by guiding further diagnostic and treatment recommendations for complicated cases.