Dental health is an important component of overall health in all creatures. Unfortunately, dental disease is also a wide spread problem. The plaque and tartar that build up on our pets’ teeth is composed of bacteria. These bacteria can cause many problems from infections and bad breath to affecting major organs like the heart, liver, and kidneys. Dental disease is also painful. Pain can make it difficult for our pets to eat, drink, even play which can result in drooling, lethargy, and weight loss. We can provide a number of services to ensure the health of your pet’s teeth and, therefore, overall well-being. We provide consultation at any visit regarding the condition of your pet’s mouth.


Should any dental treatment be warranted we perform a complete oral exam under sedation so that not a single tooth is left unexamined. The teeth are then cleaned using ultrasonic scaling and polished with a finishing paste. Any tooth which is infected or painful is extracted (or if your little one has retained baby teeth). Antibiotic therapy and pain control will be utilized when necessary. We also have the ability to take digital dental X-rays which can provide crucial information about the teeth that cannot normally be seen. The images can be used to identify infected/abscessed teeth, find retained root tips, localize jaw fractures, and inspect the sinuses. If your dog has concurrent disease we will take precautions including blood work, intravenous catheterization, and fluid administration. Your pet’s teeth are important to us and regular dental cleanings can correct but also prevent these issues from occurring.